Command Monsters to Battle Use the Power of Words

400+ Stages of word based combat. Capture monsters as you progress!


How Do You Progress ?

in Scripted Souls, players progress in a world map. Each level contains a set of monsters that can possibly be fought and caught when defeated.

200+Monster Souls

How to Capture Monsters ?

Once you defeat a monster you must then try to capture it. Follow the pattern on the screen to and connect each number to make an array.

After capturing the monster with the array you then go to the Soul Sanctuary altar (button in the world map) and use souls to initiate a summon.

  • Defeat the Monster in Battle
  • Follow the Pattern Shown to Create an Array
  • Array's can Sometimes Fail but Try Again!
  • Go to Soul Sanctuary After Capture
  • Summon your Monster using Souls earned from Battles
  • Try and Try Again!

What Type of Monsters Can you Capture ?

From dragons to polar bears to angels and demons and more we’ve added over 200 different types of monster souls players can collect as they fight their way through! Just be sure to farm all those souls to summon them!

10 Different Languages To Choose

Play the game in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and more!

Earn Souls in Every Stage

Collect souls at the end of every battle

3600+ Levels if you play all languages!

Test your merit. Try playing the game in different Languages and progress through levels.

Collect 200+ Monsters

Battle and collect over 200+ Monsters

Play Offline

Play the game completely offline if you choose to do so!

Daily Login and Achievements

Collect prize boxes daily and earn achievements for rewards!
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